(AMRM) Alt Marsh Right Mix

Alt Marsh Right Mix (AMRM) is designed mainly for those temperaments who despite their doubts still cling to humanistic values. Before your hands let off the protrusions on the edge of the abyss and you disappear in the maelstrom of the desire for the Ubermensch and a controlled apocalypse of the Will, spare a moment and delve into a couple of unavoidable pieces which, once your failure is completed, you will not be able to enjoy ever again… Also, normally, you would pay a load of money for this consumer’s basket.
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Medley AMRM contains:


Disgusting Brown Book by Jan Turner and Aleš Havlíček...in fact two brown books.
More about brown...


Dark play 2084 by S.d.Ch., which George Orwell would have like to write himself.
More about the future...


Sticky but joyful Doctor Slime Tales by Michal Jindra.
More about goo...

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