(BPERP) Brexit Post-Emotional Rescue Package

This complex literary tetris BPERP (Brexit Post-Emotional Rescue Package), swarming with the „post“ prefixes, was assembled for mixed Anglo-Czech couples, in which one of the partners does not speak Czech naturally. The compilation may serve similarly as a wedding present for such couples to be married. This post-gift or post-self-enjoyment-device reaches from the totalitarian post-beat, post-hippie hell, across the wartime post-industrial Yugoslav purgatory to the paradisiac brexit as told from the post-future. And all this for the price of ten kilo of the tenderloin, which does not go off.
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Post-brexitové drama Záchrana Evropy od S.d.Ch. vkládáme v obou jazycích a lze ho použít jako srovnávací test k zesměšňování češtiny před angličtinou.

Weight: 2000 g