Martin Zet: A Flower Bloomed From The Rose

The book as a part of the exhibition LABOR DAY. Text by Martin Zet with foreword by Miloš vojtěchovský.
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22 x 27 x 1 cm

88 pages


Who knows, what will be

How it will be

How we will be

There is no work

Only such

That one has to be forced into

There is no nice work

One could dream about

And when no one

Wants anything from me

I will just draw and draw


Martin Zet



All works and objects on display by Martin Zet relate to drawing and all are connected with work. Both the act of drawing and that of working are a necessity, seemingly since time immemorial; they are in motion, forcing the drawer’s hand, attracting the look, the arm, the sight, the mind. At the same time they preserve the sense of balance, the memory, continuity, the concept of time, space, the beginning and death. A drawing is a link between the viewer and the thing they are observing; a drawing is a festive treatment of the world around us and the one inside.

The book is divided several chapters, interconnected by invisible links and images: a set of photographs from a family album; portraits of hands; drawings emerging during a long fast; drawings created by the sea; self-generated drawings from dampness on the walls of the studio, like the Veil of Veronica; drawings converted from a line into a material shape and dematerialised again by the shadow and the light; and drawing with a ray of light on the wall of a cellar space.

The exhibition Labour Day presented Martin Zet from an unexpected perspective: as a multi-concept artist of hand-craft and corporeal thinking. As an author in whose fingers a line of any form is a scalpel on the way to singularity and drawing a protest against the absence of meaning.


Miloš Vojtěchovský

language: CZECH