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04.12.2008 00:00:00

We are sorry to bother. You should really care about the credit crunch and downturn. But please use your last moments to glance at this show before you’re melted into a human vortex. Maybe then the rulers of the universe will forgive and you will benefit from last given chance.

Group exhibition arranged by

IFIDOTA (Institute for Intergalactic Dissemination of The Arts)


DIVUS (Dry Intelligence Versus University Satanists)


Would you mind if they steal the sky from you? Do you still care what’s up there? No. You probably prefer to peer downwards upon goods and sales. Maybe there are too many parties, or perhaps you waste your nights staring at your personal computer. Ah, it makes your life very complicated; you could drown in those glowing blue seas. There are few opportunities to flee from this trap. But there still is a chance. We’d like you to know that there remain a few loopholes left to see the skyto the universe. And if you still remember who you did meet up there in your dreams, if your mind still has some conception about these impossible remote regions - then feel free to join us.“



Josef Bolf (painter / CZ). The Atomic age’s most depressive visionary

Timothy Hutchins (performer and movie maker / US). Sarcastic art TV broadcaster and B & W  classic movie faker

Vladimír Skrepl (painter / CZ). Best sensual creator addicted not only on painting.

Mike Diana (cartoonist and painter, US). The only banned anti-prudish comic maker in empire.

Jakub Matuška aka Masker (painter and street muralist / CZ). Open air storyteller and community-relations constructivist.

Emma Rendell (illustrator and cartoonist / UK). Earth and universe trauma mediator.

Jiří Černický (sculptor and painter / CZ). Lost history explorer and contemporary arcanums designer.

Zdeněk Perský (writer and performer / CZ. Criminal emeritus, trickery doctor and space pimp.

Jana aka Marie (painter / CZ). The girl we don’t know.

Igor Korpaczewski aka KW aka Q (painter and musician / CZ). Portraitist of gods, sea and sky riders. Ship builder.