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Mike Diana, Dad's Mags

19.12.2012 12:00:00 - 19.01.2013

Wednesday 19.12.2012 - Saturday 19.1.2013


Without the least scent of desperation DIVUS London opens it's doors as a reading room and bookshop this holiday season. Come to sunny Deptford, sit on the artificial grass and have a flick through the archive of DIVUS publications. (Though be aware that a bent spine means you own us monetary compensation).

Recent DIVUS releases include Simon Barkers' PUNK'S DEAD; an exclusive historical and cultural document featuring candid photographs of seminal protagonists of the era such as Jordan, Siouxsie Sioux and Adam & the Ants.  Also in stock we have AMERICA: LIVE/DIE; the double book boxed set of paintings and cartoons by Mike Diana, the first ever artist to receive a criminal conviction for obscenity for his artwork in the United States of America.

DIVUS London also houses an archive of the international art journal Umelec; covering Central European, Eastern European, and Balkan Art since the 90’s, and now offering a hard hitting political perspective on the global art scene.

Our bookshop holds a selection of artists' publications for sale (Buy! Buy! Buy!), though is also an archive of artists’ printed material as a public library; a resource to be utilised by the local community or anyone who happens to want to get in out of the cold.

In addition to the reading room DIVUS London hosts a group exhibition of all the artists that have exhibited with DIVUS this year... so if it's photographs of 70's punks or paintings of dismembered penises you're after come on down to DIVUS London, Enclave 5, 50 Resolution Way, SE8 4AL.